I had low back pain about 5 years ago and saw a Chiropractor about it. The pain cleared up in about 9 months. On August 27 I started having pain in my low back and all the way down to my foot, it was slightly worse than the first time and just got progressively worse. I saw a Chiropractor, who also did ART for about 2 months, and had 8 physical therapy/acupuncture treatments. I also saw a doctor who gave me T3's and other muscle relaxants that I was to take for 2 days. Everyone seemed to give up on me and my pain; they would say you can come back if you want to and the Doctor asked what do you want me to do about it? So I took it upon myself to find something that would work. My wife, Gail, phoned and booked me an appointment at LaserHealth® Solutions. It was a Godsend. After 10 treatments I was able to stay at work all day. After 17 treatments it is a lot better than when I started out, I am about 90% improved overall. I have already recommended others to come and get treatments done for their pain.