Seven years ago I developed a throbbing sensation in my upper and lower back. Exercise was just making it worse. It got so bad that I had constant numbness in both my legs and feet that would prevent me from walking. I went for many for many therapies I tried chiropractic, massage, ART, anxiety medication and a bunch of IMS (that was hard to do). I looked all over for a solution. In the last two years I have only been out of the house a handful of times due to the pain. Over the last ten months before going for therapy at LaserHealth® Solutions I spent most of my days in bed or on the couch. The only time I was out of the house was to go to seek treatment at the hospital. I was very depressed with the severity of my back pain. I was seriously loosing hope. One day my husband saw an ad for Laser Therapy and he asked me to go. I limped into the clinic almost in tears. I worked with a wonderful therapist named Amphy. She was great. I have had 9 treatments now on my upper and lower back and have now been able to walk OUT SIDE for almost an hour a couple of times. I am very excited to be getting healthy again. I currently have a lot less pain in my back and have much more mobility. I was hoping for some relief but now feel I am about 80% improved. I am so pleased.

Shahnaz AB