“I had injured my shoulder playing tennis 2 weeks before I came in for laser treatments.I tried physical therapy for it and it helped temporarily with the pain but the pain always came back.I heard about LaserHealth® Solutions from my daughter.I thought that I would give it a try because I do not do well with medications.I also have arthritis in my knee and had done physical therapy with it too.I came in for my consultation and started treatments right away.I have completed my treatments and I have no pain left in my knee and I am walking much better.Before the injury to my shoulder I was very active, I had to stop because of the pain but now I am back to my exercise class, I am going out everyday and back to my everyday life!I had to take a very strong analgesic everyday before I started the treatments and I am not taking it any longer!I received very good treatment here at LaserHealth® Solutions and I would recommend others to try it too.”