Ron B.
Ron B.

“About 4 years ago, I fell and in doing so, severely injured my left shoulder. Over the span of time I sought various treatment options but they provided little or no relief.

I remain quite active for my years (now 74). I work at a golf course in the summer months. I do woodworking during the winter months, and during the summer months I play a lot of golf in my spare time. I found that my golfing skill levels were declining because of my shoulder problem. I had pretty well given up until I noticed an ad in the local newspaper concerning LaserHealth® Solutions which I explored and started taking treatments. I have now completed 13 visits and I can say that the difficulty in my left shoulder is substantially improved and the pain level has diminished by about 80%.

I would recommend to anyone that has had unresolved pain problems to give LaserHealth® Solutions a try. The result could be rewarding.”

Ron B.