“One Saturday morning in November of 2000, I was perched on top of an extension ladder painting the cathedral ceiling in my living room.I suddenly felt the ladder begin to slip off the beam that it was resting against.I fell 10 feet, sustaining a compound fracture in my left wrist as well as a dislocated elbow and shoulder.My orthopedic surgeon warned me to expect a future of limited mobility and arthritis.I never regained full range of motion and experienced constant dull pain in my shoulder and numbness in my left hand.

In September, I slipped and stopped short of hitting the ground by breaking my fall with, you guessed it, my left arm.I really thought that I had broken it all over again.I mentioned my fall to Dr. Rob during a subsequent visit for a chiropractic adjustment.He recommended that I try some laser treatments on my shoulder.

My progress was slow and subtle, but by the tenth treatment I felt like I had great range of motion, less pain and numbness, and significantly better blood flow in my left arm.My left hand, which had always seemed cold, is now as warm as my right hand.The technicians were very considerate and eager to answer questions that I had concerning the treatment.It was a very positive experience and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Laser Therapy.”