I was involved in a car accident that caused my arm to be caught between me and the steering wheel when the airbag deployed. It severely injured my shoulder so much so that I was unable to be active in any way. I went to a number of doctors for treatment but they only recommended rest and some physio. After some time, the rest and physio had little effect.

I went to Dr. Rob to try out the LILT. After the initial 3 treatments, I was able to begin my physical activities again, and after approx. 12 treatments, I was back to my normal activities.

The LILT was so successful that I presented the service to my mother, who is a physical therapist in Regina, Sask. And now she was so impressed that she has incorporated it into her practice as well.

I would highly recommend the process to anyone with soft tissue injuries of any sort. The time to recovery is dramatically decreased. It is even good for muscle or tendon issues that arise from repeated motions.

Good Luck to everyone who uses the process you will not be disappointed.

Jason H., B.C.