I had hurt my shoulder on October 30th helping my sister move. After a month of complaining to my wife, I came across an ad in the newspaper that suggested I could relieve my pain with a simple laser light treatment. Let's just say I was very skeptical, I have had numerous injuries from football, hockey and baseball. The only thing that ever worked in the past was physiotherapy or surgery. So without wanting to go through all that I decided to give it a try. On consultation I was told I should have been in right away, but better late than never. I thought to myself they are preparing me for when it doesn't help. After my second treatment I thought I was feeling better, but I also thought it may have been just in my head. After four treatments it was over 70% better and I was only feeling pain when lifting or stretching. After my 7th treatment I feel 100% and I can't stop telling people about the success. I haven't slept so good in years, it is great when you can roll over at night without being woken by sharp pain. Thanks!

Dan K.