While golfing last spring, 26, I experienced significant pain in my right shoulder. I had 8 months of physiotherapy and acupuncture, as well as 2 cortisone shots. None of these eased the daily pain. An MRI showed a significant tear (5%) of the supraspinatus muscle in my shoulder. The advice from all doctors I consulted was live with the pain and reduced range of motion or have surgery.

Not willing to undergo surgery unless absolutely necessary, I heard about LaserHealth® Solutions from a friend who had successful treatments on her arthritic feet. After 10 treatments to my shoulder, I had no pain, could lift 2.5 lb. weights and do resistance exercises with a rubber band. I have cancelled my surgery and have packed my golf clubs for holidays.

Thank you, LaserHealth® Solutions. Special thanks to Amphy and Jillian. What great people there are at this clinic!