Dag B.
Dag B.

"I had a surfing accident while in Mexico a few years back, resulting in a severe dislocation of my shoulder, with some tearing in my rotator cuff. I finally had surgery to repair the damage one year ago, but the constant pain lingered, causing many sleepless nights. We even purchased the best pocket coil mattress available, to no avail. At the age of 66, I am aware that my body's healing capacity is significantly slower, but I needed relief.

I commenced treatment at the LaserHealth® Solutions 3 weeks ago, where the staff administered gentle manual work to release the critical points of my shoulder, and thereafter laser treatment. The relief was immediate after the first appointment and I slept without pain that night!

To this date, I have had 6 treatments and I feel the results have been significant enough to compel me to write this letter, with sincere thanks to Charlotte and Blaine!"

Dag B.