Debbie G.
Debbie G.

“I fell on my out-stretched arm while skiing 5 years ago. Being proactive I quickly had an ultrasound done that showed no tear and started physiotherapy the week after it happened. I followed this up with periodic massages. It's been sore off and on ever since then. Now to be honest, I am not one to back off on my activities when I am hurting. I weight train and when I water my horse I usually carry two big buckets of water at a time. I use to think my shoulder pain was “my Achilles Heel”, but I now realize that I have not really given my shoulder the opportunity to heal completely because of my impatience. If my husband had not seen good results with laser treatments for a knee problem, I probably wouldn't have considered giving Laser Therapy a try. I want to live an active, vibrant life style without pain so I decided to explore this therapy. Now, after laser treatments, my shoulders feel as though they are equal (that is both feel good and strong). I don't have morning pain upon waking up any more and I don't feel I need to favor my shoulder.

This is a great non-invasive treatment. It is certainly worth a try.”