“I had right shoulder pain; loss of movement; inability to lift; this problem was affecting my ability to work and also loss of sleep at night. After doctor visits and x-rays and finally an RMI; a diagnosis of tears in tendons and one muscle tear in right shoulder rotator cuff.

I was told at my age of 62 to expect rotator cuff damage; and to stop my working this way; and seek an easier retirement life.

Being self-employed for 32 years as a heavy duty mechanic this statement floored me; with a current strong customer base and a waiting work load; what can be done? I'm not ready to retire; looking hard for a solution while still working; my options were therapy or surgery.

Then one night I heard on the radio a LaserHealth® Solutions ad; finally a possible solution. I phoned the next day and was given an appointment within 2 days; I was assessed and given a thorough explanation of what had happened to my shoulder and what treatment would do.

The treatments have restored lost strength, have eliminated movement pain and have allowed a full night sleep.

I tell everyone I know how lucky I am to have heard the radio ad; the resulting treatments are like winning a lottery. Each treatment gives me more lifting above shoulder capability and less pain; I sleep full nights now.

Before all this happened; I would have never believed a shoulder rotator cuff injury could be treated by laser; I now believe fully; it works.”