On Sunday I tripped and fell while running up a flight of stairs.I drove my left foot (no shoes on) into the top stair quite hard.Even though I did not break my big toe, the pain was quite significant to the point where I found it very difficult to walk.

I was too busy and unable to treat the injury on Monday.The pain and limp did not improve at all by Tuesday morning.At Blaine's insistence I received a treatment that morning.By the afternoon I was able to walk a longer distance with moderate pain instead of only just a few steps.After my second treatment on Wednesday I found that I could walk around fairly well with only a minor limp despite how bruised the joint in my big toe appeared.On Thursday I decided not to have a third treatment as I'm now walking normally.It's still tender but I can walk without a limp.

What would have taken 7 to 1 days heal up based on past experience, only took a few days!

Working at LaserHealth Solutions has its advantages!

Andrew Baron