Madeleine L.
Madeleine L.

“I had a lot of pain when I was sitting down.Since 14 years old, I had this pain and I tried so many different therapies, but nothing worked for me.I went for physiotherapy for about 3 years, massage for 1 year, a lot of acupuncture treatments and I was taking medications to relieve this pain.Finally I heard about LaserHealth® Solutions therapy for pain.I phoned right away to have an appointment.

From the 1st treatment, I could tell the difference.Treatment after treatment the pain was less and less.

Now after 9 treatments, I am free of pain.I feel great!

Thank you to all the staff at Laser Heath Solutions and thank you Veronick for giving me my life back.This is the best gift of my life to live with no more pain”.

Madeleine L.