Sandy's Improvement
Sandy's Improvement

“I am a Iyengar yoga teacher from Perth Western Australia.

In January 2014 I hurt my left shoulder doing an agressive yoga pose. In March of that same year, an ultrasound reveiled that I had bursitis and I torn the tendon of the supraspinatus and subscapularis muscles. This injury rendered my shoulder and left arm as a painful thing that hung lifelessly on the left side of my body.

I was not able to work at a computer, do my normal daily chores, shower myself and worse yet was that I was not able to instruct correctly in a yoga class and that I was unable to sleep due to the intense level of pain. The injury was totally debilitating and had lasting effects.

I went to many forms of treatment that were available in Western Australia (really any form that I could think of) I tried everything regardless of how obscure or how alternative the treatments were. I finally gave in and tried antiimflamatories and cortisone injections.

Nothing worked!!!!

I was invited to Canada for a wedding of a close friend, but due to my loss of income (because of the shoulder injury) I couldn't afford the trip and so I declined. My daughter then arranged for me to go, because there was the opportunity of trialling a different style of treatment, Onsen Therapy and Laser Therapy. (Neither treatments are available in Perth)

I had been in pain and couldn't move my arm in any direction more than 2 inches for 7 months. Five 30 minute treatments later and my arm was mobile again.

Since returning (now 45 days) my shoulder is now pain free, my arm gains more mobility every day. I am now fully functional and am working, teaching and sleeping.

I just completed a 3 day convention in Melbourne for yoga and did so without missing any of the classes. This was significant because each class was 3 hours in length and these were extremely demanding classes requiring good mobility and strength - I had both!

Thank you Blaine for your support and your wonderful treatments!!!

I wish you lived in Perth!”

Kind regards, Sandy