I had a severe tendonitis in my wrist which compromised my ability to do just about everything. I couldn't butter toast or cut a sandwich in half. I couldn't clean my house or make meals for my family. I just could not use my right hand at all. My family doctor had me try medication and then physio. Neither helped. Then I had my right arm placed in a cast for a month with the thought complete rest would help. Once the cast was removed it seemed nothing was going to help me… in fact my wrist was worse. I said to my doctor surely I am not expected to live like this for the rest of my life. Finally he suggested I try laser! I am a registered nurse and believe in the conventional methods of medicine but at this point I was willing to try anything. I actually believed surgery was eventually going to happen. LaserHealth® Solutions (Janet) was amazing. She explained everything that was happening to my wrist and how laser would help. I wasn't as optimistic as her but a willing participant. I was always greeted from the moment I entered the office with such kindness and with the feeling that these people really cared about me and all things in my life… not just my wrist. They all took the time to ask questions and just made me feel good. When I was in tears in the office and was feeling at the lowest point, they encouraged me on.They say it takes a few times before you feel better. Well by treatment number four I wasn't much better… but one day after treatment four… I was surely improved. From that day on it was uphill and after the eighth treatment I considered myself cured and they agreed. I cannot say enough good things about LaserHealth® Solutions… they certainly helped me and I have passed my experience on to many of my friends and back to my family doctor.

Christine M.