Robbin K.
Robbin K.

“Here is my story...

I had a fall in November 1997 in which I injured my dominant wrist (right). There were no broken bones but the ligaments were torn.I had no choice but to use my left hand for as much as possible.

After a while I became quite proficient being a lefty and although my wrist was healing well, I was very protective of it. By mid 1998 I noticed that my left elbow was beginning to ache by the end of each day. It continued to get worse and I began to force myself to be right hand dominant again.It wasn't long before the right elbow began to hurt as well.

I was unable to lift even small amounts of weight; I couldn't pull or push more than a few pounds. I tried most everything offered up to but not including surgery but nothing was making it improve.

Dr Skleryk said he was going to start a laser light treatment program and felt I could benefit from it. I was not a believer but I felt I had nothing to lose.

By the time I started treatment my arms hurt all day but the morning was the worst of all. My left arm would have pain radiating down to the base of my thumb and the palm side under my thumb would be numb.

Dr. Skleryk and I agreed to start on my left arm to test this program.There was no pain involved with the treatment at all.The next morning I woke up with no pain at all in my arm. It was amazing! If I lifted 5 or so pounds I could feel it in my elbow but I could lift again.By the third treatment my left arm felt so great we started on my right arm.

In total I had 9 treatments on my left arm and 4 on my right. It feels like I have new arms! I've laid a laminate floor, painted walls in my house, moved furniture and packed all my own groceries.

Thank you Dr. Skleryk for making me whole again!”

Robbin K.