After years of chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy appointments, and specialized exercise and stretching regimens, I had become reconciled to periods of relative pain free activity followed by some sort of innocent activity that would aggravate my whole condition: turning suddenly, bending over to tie my shoes, getting up from the couch, sleeping the wrong way'. This last time I felt a wrenching crunch that went down my right buttock and into my leg while lifting a box that couldn't have weighed more than 5 kilograms. I was hobbling around like a one legged pirate! It even hurt to sneeze or cough. I made my first appointment after discovering this website on-line. The treatments themselves felt as if I had received an adjustment or massage and, improvement for me, was pretty much immediate. I've even started going back to the gym for some light workouts. True healing and the return of strength and flexibility rather than compensating for a deteriorating condition seem to be my reward for trying something new. Many, many thanks.