Mikenzie P.
Mikenzie P.

“I have tried many other treatments including pain relievers but I found that I couldn't function well while taking them. Various doctors had told me that there was little that could be done for me outside of surgery and that it would probably be many months before I could even speak with a neurosurgeon. Due to the pain, I didn't want to drive and I couldn't sleep through the night. I felt hopeless but since I've started laser treatment the change has been just amazing. The pain is 60%-70% reduced which has allowed me to start driving again and sleep a full night.

I've been going to LaserHealth® Solutions for three to four weeks. Initially after the first few treatments I didn't really feel any difference. However in the last week of treatments the pain went down remarkably. I'm amazed by the results.”

“Six months later…

Over the last 6 months I have increased my mobility in my neck. I have minimal if any pain most of the time. I have a much more positive outlook on live now; this is great! I have been much more active and do not hesitate to participate in things because of neck pain. Thank you very much!”

Mikenzie P.