My name is Jikang. The first time I came here I was feeling a terrible pain in my neck due to a car accident in 24. For the last two years I have been feeling this pain. I didn't know what I should do. The first year I felt the pain I didn't even know it was my neck. I visited many clinics and some doctors gave me different explanations of what my pain could be. In August 26 I went to another clinic where a physician told me that my pain was due to a neck injury. This is when I realized that it could be a result of the 24 accident I was in. I started some medication but the pain persisted. Recently I saw an ad on TV about Laser Therapy. I decided to try it because I was tired of taking medications all the time. Within three weeks after starting the treatment I felt a lot better. Now I feel very good and I am not on medication anymore!