Since my car accident in September 23, I've done every kind of treatment for my whiplash in the neck and shoulders : massages, physiotherapy, acupuncture, chiropractic and even cranial sacral therapy. But my pain actually got worse as years passed and my headaches grew more frequent and so painful that I would be nauseous and debilitated almost everyday. It hurt to stand, sit and lay down. But since I've started the Laser treatments, my headaches have been reduced by probably 90% on frequency and in pain level. I also have been using a hot pack on my neck every night before but I haven't had to use one since I've started here! It's so nice to be able to watch a movie, do a day of work and even sleep in on a Saturday without getting a nauseating headache that would last for days. I'm so grateful that they've been able to help me get the root of the whiplash pain and improve the quality of every aspect of my daily life.