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The Surrey clinic opened in 2004 and has successfully treated thousands of people for conditions such as tendonitis, sciatica, cervical and shoulder injuries, tennis elbow, low back pain, TMJ syndrome, plantar fasciitis, sports injuries and arthritis.

Laser therapy is proven to help reduce or eliminate inflammation. Light photons are deeply absorbed by soft tissue, stimulating physiological effects necessary to healing. It is a painless, noninvasive therapy which can help restore normal cell function and enhance the body’s healing processes.

The cost of an assessment is $75. The cost of laser therapy is $56, $85, or $112 depending on the area of the body. Most people require between 5-12 treatments.


Dr. Rob Skleryk
M.Sc, DC


Dr. Yuen Yee Skleryk
B.Sc., DC


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Bakers Cyst and Tendonitis

Jane R
Jane R

“I came in complaining of pain and discomfort due to a Bakers Cyst and tendonitis of a hamstring. After 11 treatments with cold laser, the cyst seemed to be gone and the discomfort has been hugely alleviated! I have much greater range of motion during exercise and I'm able to resume my activities with barely any discomfort. Not only has the cyst disappeared, but I'm confident that the tendonitis which caused the Bakers Cyst has also healed through the laser treatments.”

Jane R.

Condition(s): Tendinitis or Tendonitis, Arthritis

Golfer Elbow

Ken presented to our office with Golfer's Elbow (inside elbow pain). He found the pain so intense that it interfered with his golf game. This is what he experienced at our office.

When I first began Laser Therapy I was skeptical about its value. After the third or fourth treatment I began to notice and feel improvements. By the sixth or seventh treatments, most of my pain and discomfort was gone. Because I'm very active, I think the process took a little longer.

Ken K.

Condition(s): Tennis and Golfer's Elbow

Frozen Shoulder - Part 2

I came to LaserHealth® Solutions (Vancouver) 6 weeks ago, diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff and frozen right shoulder. The condition had been present for 5 months and was causing considerable constant pain and lack of sleep. I had tried 2 different physiotherapists, acupuncture and had been seen by an orthopedic surgeon and was told nothing could be done for six months. My drive to the clinic required that I support my right elbow with a pillow to reduce the pain. One half hour after the treatment my pain was gone. I no longer require pain killers and am slowly getting more movement back. This is now my 15th treatment and am very… View the whole post

Condition(s): Shoulder Pain and Injuries

Weeks of Plantar Fasciitis

I had been suffering from a sore foot and unable to walk normally for about 6 weeks. I had been to see my doctor who diagnosed it as plantar fasciitis. I was also seeing a massage therapist who had been working on the muscles attached to the fascia but I had not really had any relief from the pain. A friend of mine mentioned Laser Therapy treatment. I asked some questions and decided to try the Laser Therapy. The day after the first treatment, I felt a difference when I stood on my foot. With each treatment the pain seemed to lessen and now I am walking normally again with virtually no pain. This is after 13 treatments. I am still… View the whole post

Condition(s): Plantar Fasciitis

Knee Pain (Osteoarthritis)

Since having 9 laser treatment on my right knee, I have NO pain! Plus, I feel much more sure as I walk and I'm not so wobbly. Now I'm able to get back at gardening with lots of rests between and I'm progressing.

Jean S.

Condition(s): Arthritis, Knee Pain

Osteoarthritis in My Spine

“As a 70 year old retiree, golfing was my favorite activity.Neck, shoulder and back pain make that nearly impossible.Kneading bread dough or washing a floor would result in my lying in bed with a heating pad because of the pain.

I have tried the laser method for pain and I'm excited with the results!I am now golfing, baking bread and am able to do more household chores every day.

Ten treatments made this all possible!

I'm glad that I don't need prescription pain killers any more.”

Hazel M.

Condition(s): Arthritis, Back Pain, Neck Pain

Neck Pain (Torticollis) - Acute

Lisa S.
Lisa S.

“My son Johnathan is 10 yrs old.He woke up on a Tuesday morning screaming and crying, he couldn't move his neck because it hurt so bad.This was approx 6 a.m. and I gave him neck rubs, Tylenol, Deep Cold, Myoflex, ice packs and warm packs over the next 7 hours.All this just so I could get him out of bed.Finally, around 1 p.m. he was able to sit up, and while holding his head and neck for support, he made it upstairs.I called the doctor and got an appointment for 3 p.m.We saw the doctor but there wasn't a physio available.My doctor suggested the chiropractor.I couldn't see anyone in White Rock, so I drove… View the whole post

Condition(s): Back Pain, Neck Pain

Ankle Sprain - Acute

Hannah S.
Hannah S.

“After suffering a painful injury to my left foot, I was unable to continue training for my year end gymnastics meet in Kelowna. After 10 days of being on crutches my parents brought me for laser treatments. I had a huge difference in my foot after one week and I was able to continue training again. Three weeks after my first treatment I competed pain free in the meet in Kelowna, where I finished first in the floor exercises and fifth overall.

The laser treatment got me back into competition faster then I could have imagined.”

Hannah S.

Condition(s): Sprains and Strains

Years of Plantar Fasciitis

Low Intensity Laser Therapy has been a Godsend! Unlike my first encounter with Plantar Fasciitis, which lasted over a 3-year period, I have experienced a great deal of relief with Laser Therapy. And after only 6 treatments. I would highly recommend laser treatments to anyone who wishes to return to their normal level of functioning. Laser, stretching and ice have worked wonders in getting me back on track.

Thank you, LaserHealth® Solutions!

Shelly F.

Condition(s): Plantar Fasciitis

Diabetic Associated Pain

I am a diabetic. One day, out of the blue, I began to suffer with severe pain form the right side of my lower back down my right leg to my knee. The pain was so strong that even the weight of my clothing was too much to bear.

The doctors were puzzled and set about eliminating things like kidney stones, bowel trouble, etc. and after many months, many doctors' visits and many tests, I ended up with severe pain and a large bottle of painkillers.

The opinion was that my diabetes had caused my blood vessels to constrict and stop supplying my nerves with the blood that they needed to function and the pain was the nerves crying out. They… View the whole post

Condition(s): Back Pain