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The Surrey clinic opened in 2004 and has successfully treated thousands of people for conditions such as tendonitis, sciatica, cervical and shoulder injuries, tennis elbow, low back pain, TMJ syndrome, plantar fasciitis, sports injuries and arthritis.

Laser therapy is proven to help reduce or eliminate inflammation. Light photons are deeply absorbed by soft tissue, stimulating physiological effects necessary to healing. It is a painless, noninvasive therapy which can help restore normal cell function and enhance the body’s healing processes.

The cost of an assessment is $80. The cost of laser therapy is $60, $90, or $120 depending on the area of the body. Most people require between 5-12 treatments.


Dr. Rob Skleryk
M.Sc, DC


Dr. Yuen Yee Skleryk
B.Sc., DC



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Back, Knee, and Shoulder Pain - They have fixed it all

Diane H.
Diane H.

"I was a skeptic! I had had back pain since I was a teenager. Over the years I had tried every treatment I could think of. On my doctor's recommendation I went to many other medical professionals. Some had limited success but the severe back pain always returned. A friend recommended that I try LaserHealth® Solutions. She had had success with Blaine Skleryk's treatments. I was a skeptic but desperate to try anything to relieve the pain.

A whole new world of pain free living opened up to me. Blaine immediately assessed my problem and started my therapy. It was a combination of Blaine stretching… View the whole post

Condition(s): Back Pain, Knee Pain, Shoulder Pain and Injuries

Four years of Plantar Fasciitis Gone in Three Weeks


“I have suffered from plantar fasciitis for about 4 years. The symptoms were pain in the feet, swelling under the toes and numbness in the big toes. My family doctor recommended personalized orthotics which I purchased. These initially appeared to alleviate the symptoms somewhat, but over time the symptoms became worse. I attended the LaserHealth® Solutions Clinic. My problem was evaluated, a plan of remediation was initiated and implemented. Due to the staff's expertise, after 7 treatments the pain, swelling and numbness of the toes disappeared. If I follow the home treatment exercises, I think I will remain pain free from plantar fasciitis. Thanks to a great staff.”


Condition(s): Plantar Fasciitis

Pain from Ankle Injuries

Sergio M.
Sergio M.

“My name is Sergio and have had many ankle injuries and have had on going pain for a long while. I have seen many other healthcare professionals over the years and no solution, Mr. Blaine Skleryk found the problem and has actually fixed me. I'm back to chasing my kids around and thinking about playing soccer again, so thank you very much for getting me back.”

Condition(s): Injuries (Burns, Cuts, or Trauma)

Fourty Six Year Shoulder Injury

I'm 80 years old. I had a left shoulder injury in 1967. Slowly I couldn't raise my arm higher then my shoulder. They called it frozen shoulder I went to a medical professional who told me to get use to it, it would only get worse. In the last 3 years my right shoulder give me some trouble including pain. I always listen to talk radio QR 77 one day I heard an ad about laser treatment. I thought I have nothing to lose so I made an appointment and went for an assessment by Blaine.He recommended 12 treatment for each shoulder.After treatment my right shoulder improved 100%, my 46 year injury shoulder injury improved beyond… View the whole post

Condition(s): Shoulder Pain and Injuries, Injuries (Burns, Cuts, or Trauma)

Low Back Pain Most of My Life

I have suffered with lower back pain most of my adult life and decided to try massage therapy and LaserHealth®.After only four sessions I have no lower back pain and have not felt this good in years.The service offered by LaserHealth® Solutions was professional and very effective and I wanted to share my story with people out there that have similar issues with pain. You don't have to live with it and muscle relaxants!Go see these guys and you will be amazed what it can do.Thank you for giving me the ability to golf, play with my grandkids and so many things without worrying about my back!

Yours truly, a very happy lady!

Janice P.

Condition(s): Back Pain

Arthritis of the Elbow

In 1984 I injured my left elbow in an industrial accident and developed arthritis in it.I also had scar tissue and tissue damage.Over the last eight to ten years the pain grew steadily worse until I was no longer able to work I had severe joint pain, pinching, spasms and shaking with any movement of my left arm… I spent the last year plus looking for a solution for the pain that now kept me awake all night most nights.Then I saw an ad in the local paper that said STOP PAIN WITH LASER THERAPY.I was at the point I was willing to try anything so I called LaserHealth® Solutions and made an appointment and I still smile every… View the whole post

Condition(s): Arthritis

Sprained Toe from a Fall

On Sunday I tripped and fell while running up a flight of stairs.I drove my left foot (no shoes on) into the top stair quite hard.Even though I did not break my big toe, the pain was quite significant to the point where I found it very difficult to walk.

I was too busy and unable to treat the injury on Monday.The pain and limp did not improve at all by Tuesday morning.At Blaine's insistence I received a treatment that morning.By the afternoon I was able to walk a longer distance with moderate pain instead of only just a few steps.After my second treatment on Wednesday I found that I could walk around fairly well with only a… View the whole post

Condition(s): Injuries (Burns, Cuts, or Trauma)

Plantar Fasciitis Gone After Just Weeks

Loraine H.
Loraine H.

“In 2007 a friend of mine saw an article for LaserHealth® Solutions in the newspaper which caught her eye as it advertised help for people with plantar fasciitis. I was skeptical so I let her be the guinea pig and then being ever so skeptical waited a year and called to see if she was still pain free. Upon confirmation that she was I made my appointment with Blaine (for plantar fasciitis).

On the first visit I discussed my skepticism with Blaine but after 7 weeks I was pain free. Please note that I had put up with this pain for probably 4 years deciding there quite possibly was no cure!

When my… View the whole post

Condition(s): Plantar Fasciitis, Shoulder Pain and Injuries

Long Term Knee Pain (Osteoarthritis)

I am a 76 year old female who has experienced various painful knee conditions since my late 3's. Upon consulting an orthopedic surgeon, I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and severe tendinitis, which not only affected my knees but also my ankles, wrists and shoulders. At that time the doctor advised me to take cod liver oil pills which I have faithfully maintained. And in spite of trying numerous self help remedies, my knees continued to deteriorate.

In my early 5's my right knee became extremely painful and I began having cortisone injections. This treatment effectively relieved the pain, but only for a short period of… View the whole post

Condition(s): Knee Pain, Arthritis

Shoulder Pain from Supraspinatus Inflammation

Dave Rutherford
Dave Rutherford

“I think I'm like most of us of a certain age, we want to be as active as possible, so when something goes a little sideways we want to get it fixed. My shoulder had been bugging me for a while but I was putting up with it, wincing every time I put on a jacket, feeling the pain every time I lifted something, putting up with the ache during every workout, but finally I just had enough, I had to get it fixed. I heard about LaserHealth® Solutions so I gave them a try. I was so impressed with their approach, the highly trained therapists there listened closely to my story, then they manipulated a… View the whole post

Condition(s): Shoulder Pain and Injuries