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The Calgary clinic opened in 2004 and has successfully treated thousands of people for conditions such as tendonitis, sciatica, cervical and shoulder injuries, tennis elbow, low back pain, TMJ syndrome, plantar fasciitis, sports injuries and arthritis. Treatments are a combination of laser therapy and manual therapy.

Laser therapy is proven to help reduce or eliminate inflammation. Light photons are deeply absorbed by soft tissue, stimulating physiological effects necessary to healing. It is a painless, noninvasive therapy which can help restore normal cell function and enhance the body’s healing processes.

The manual work provided by the therapists includes Manual Osteopathic Therapy, Somatics, Onsen® Therapy and Massage Therapy Techniques. These are used to assess and correct structural and functional imbalances. Improved musculoskeletal balance means the reduction or elimination of pain, an increased range of motion and the release of entrapped nerves or trigger points.

The cost is $123+GST per visit. An assessment is included in the first visit at no extra charge and each visit takes just under an hour. You are one-on-one with the therapist the whole time. You won't just be receiving laser therapy. Laser therapy is an important part of the treatment because of its ability to reduce or eliminate inflammation and speed up the healing process. The manual therapy is just as important because these techniques deal with the structural and muscular reasons why the pain and inflammation started. Laser Health Solutions has developed a unique therapy program using Osteopathic techniques, Laser Therapy, Somatics, and Massage Therapy that you won't find anywhere else. On average, only ten treatments are needed.

If you have insurance benefits which allow you to see a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), you can claim reimbursement for Laser Health Solutions treatments when you see one of our RMTs. If you have any of the following insurance and are able to see a Manual Osteopathic Therapist (DMO), you are able to claim reimbursement when treated by one of our osteopaths: Blue Cross, Desjardins, Empire Life, Equitable Life, Great West Life, Canada Life, Greenshield, Manulife or Sunlife.


Blaine Skleryk

Registered Massage Therapist, Manual Osteopath, Certified Onsen Techniques Therapist Instructor, Certified Clinical Somatics Educator

Andrew Montgomery

Registered Massage Therapist, Manual Osteopath, Certified Onsen Techniques Therapist

Anoop Nair

Registered Massage Therapist, Manual Osteopath

Sunder Palaniyandi

Registered Massage Therapist, Manual Osteopath

Chelsea Morrison

Manual Osteopath, Registered Massage Therapist.

On maternity leave until January 2022.


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Suzanne Biller

Andrew Baron


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Heel Spur and Achilles Tendonitis

I was so happy to find LaserHealth® Solutions in September as I had been limping around with a sore foot since May 25. I tried physio for approximately one month and found my heel to be getting worse. I then tried orthotics, which has helped, but Laser Therapy really did the trick by reducing the swelling. After about the 8th visit, the pain was not as severe and by the 12th visit, I was walking 90% normal again. A big Thank You to all the staff at LaserHealth® Solutions and for making each visit an enjoyable one with your friendly smiling faces!

Dorothy F.

Condition(s): Sprains and Strains, Heel Spurs

Plantar Fasciitis - Pain in My Heel and Arch

“I had a lot of pain in the arch and heel due to Plantar Fasciitis.I'd had it for about a year to a year and a half.I tried everything in my power to get rid of the pain, but it wouldn't go away.My wife talked to a recent patient of LaserHealth® Solutions who went through this process and said it was a good procedure.I thought I would try it.The first day, I had a consultation with Veronick.She said it would probably take about 12 treatments.And it has helped dearly!The pain has gone down.It was money well invested. Veronick, Julia and Jamie were very good at their jobs.They gave me… View the whole post

Condition(s): Plantar Fasciitis

Shoulder Injury

I was involved in a car accident that caused my arm to be caught between me and the steering wheel when the airbag deployed. It severely injured my shoulder so much so that I was unable to be active in any way. I went to a number of doctors for treatment but they only recommended rest and some physio. After some time, the rest and physio had little effect.

I went to Dr. Rob to try out the LILT. After the initial 3 treatments, I was able to begin my physical activities again, and after approx. 12 treatments, I was back to my normal activities.

The LILT was so successful that I presented the service to my mother, who is a physical therapist… View the whole post

Condition(s): Shoulder Pain and Injuries

Arthritis in Toes

The pain started in my right foot, the big toe mostly. It was swollen and very painful. I tried medications for the pain. Then I heard of Laser Therapy on the radio. I decided to try it. I had 6 treatments and can wear my shoes now with no pain!

Thanks, Blaine and staff.

Florence L.

Condition(s): Arthritis

Finger Trauma

Alan M.'s Finger
Alan M.'s Finger

“I cut my right index and middle fingers on a band saw while at work.I received several stitches to close the cuts.After receiving Laser Therapy treatments on my fingers immediately, there is no visible scar on my middle finger and the scar on my index finger is hardly noticeable.I would recommend Laser Therapy to reduce scarring, to anyone.

Thanks LaserHealth® Solutions!”

Alan M.

Condition(s): Injuries (Burns, Cuts, or Trauma)

Fracture 5th Metatarsal

To date I have had 2 laser treatment sessions and I have already noticed a difference. I had extensive bruising in the area of the fracture as well as on my toes and the underside of my foot. Weight bearing was extremely painful as well. The laser decreased the swelling in my foot and helped disperse the bruising. Bruises that had been deep purple & green for almost two weeks, faded almost entirely within a couple of days of receiving the laser treatment. I also noted that my foot was not as painful or swollen as it had been before treatment. I am looking forward to a speedier recovery with the help of the laser.

I would definitely recommend laser treatment.

Melissa W.

Condition(s): Bruises, Fractures

Heel Spur and Plantar Fasciitis

Barry L.
Barry L.

“I started Laser Therapy due to plantar fasciitis and also having a heel spur.At first I tried physiotherapy for approximately 3 months and had no improvement.So I tried Laser Therapy and after the 3rd treatment I started to feel a difference.After approximately the 11th treatment my foot was feeling great and I was able to do a lot of things.I am still having the odd treatment due to the heel spur which will take a little longer to heal.I would say my foot is approximately 85% better and being able to enjoy activities more.

Thank you to the staff of LaserHealth® Solutions!”

Barry L.

Condition(s): Heel Spurs, Plantar Fasciitis

AC Joint Subluxation (Shoulder Pain)

In January 22 I injured my left shoulder lifting heavy equipment at work. After being diagnosed with a subluxation and needing surgery to correct it, I had to wait over a year to have it done. By then a lot of soft tissue damage had been done to the surrounding areas.

From March 23 until January 25 my shoulder, though able to return to work on an accommodated basis, changed my life completely. I couldn't sleep through the night, drive my car, ride a bike, swim or even carry my cat. I couldn't even cast my own fishing rod. My life was livable, not enjoyable.

After starting laser treatments in January 25, I noticed a… View the whole post

Condition(s): Shoulder Pain and Injuries

Osteoarthritis of the Knee

After I started walking at the mall, first my foot hurt, then my ankle and then my right knee. It aggravated an old knee injury to the point that I had to stop walking in the mall and it was very painful just being on my feet in the kitchen. Chiropractic helped some, orthotics helped further but the knee was still painful. After the Laser Therapy treatments, I no longer have any pain in my right knee. I have resumed my mall walking and have more energy. The Laser Therapy treatments were a great, non-invasive solution for me. It's great not to have to cope with pain in my busy life.

Thank you to the wonderful staff that helped me through my therapy back to recovery.

Katheryn C.
Bellingham, Washington U.S.A.

Condition(s): Arthritis

Anterior Compartment Syndrome

“3 years ago while training for a marathon I developed compartment syndrome in the anterior lateral muscle group of my right lower leg.No amount of tweeking my orthotics or rest seemed to help.Every time I began training again, once the mileage increased the swelling and pain would begin again and grow worse until I would have to quit.This year while training for the Sun Run and volunteering with a walking group in the Sun Run program, I met Drs. Rob and YY and learned about the cold laser treatment they offered.I was determined to run the 10K and once the pain and swelling started with about 4 weeks left in the… View the whole post