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The Calgary clinic opened in 2004 and has successfully treated thousands of people for conditions such as tendonitis, sciatica, cervical and shoulder injuries, tennis elbow, low back pain, TMJ syndrome, plantar fasciitis, sports injuries and arthritis. Treatments are a combination of laser therapy and manual therapy.

Laser therapy is proven to help reduce or eliminate inflammation. Light photons are deeply absorbed by soft tissue, stimulating physiological effects necessary to healing. It is a painless, noninvasive therapy which can help restore normal cell function and enhance the body’s healing processes.

The manual work provided by the therapists includes Manual Osteopathic Therapy, Somatics, Onsen® Therapy and Massage Therapy Techniques. These are used to assess and correct structural and functional imbalances. Improved musculoskeletal balance means the reduction or elimination of pain, an increased range of motion and the release of entrapped nerves or trigger points.

The cost is $131+GST per visit. An assessment is included in the first visit at no extra charge and each visit takes just under an hour. You are one-on-one with the therapist the whole time. You won't just be receiving laser therapy. Laser therapy is an important part of the treatment because of its ability to reduce or eliminate inflammation and speed up the healing process. The manual therapy is just as important because these techniques deal with the structural and muscular reasons why the pain and inflammation started. Laser Health Solutions has developed a unique therapy program using Osteopathic techniques, Laser Therapy, Somatics, and Massage Therapy that you won't find anywhere else. On average, only ten treatments are needed.

If you have insurance benefits which allow you to see a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), you can claim reimbursement for Laser Health Solutions treatments when you see one of our RMTs. If you have any of the following insurance and are able to see a Manual Osteopathic Therapist (DMO), you are able to claim reimbursement when treated by one of our osteopaths: Blue Cross, Desjardins, Empire Life, Equitable Life, Great West Life, Canada Life, Greenshield, Manulife or Sunlife.


Blaine Skleryk

Registered Massage Therapist, Manual Osteopath, Certified Onsen Techniques Therapist Instructor, Certified Clinical Somatics Educator

Andrew Montgomery

Registered Massage Therapist, Manual Osteopath, Certified Onsen Techniques Therapist

Anoop Nair

Registered Massage Therapist, Manual Osteopath

Sunder Palaniyandi

Registered Massage Therapist, Manual Osteopath

Chelsea Morrison

Manual Osteopath, Registered Massage Therapist.

Kathryn Belsher

Registered Massage Therapist, Manual Osteopath, Somatics Educator


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Sherry Kilborn

Andrew Baron


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Ankle Tendontitis

I used to have a pain in my ankle and couldn't walk or run properly but then I went to Panorama Chiropractic and he told me that I would get 10 Laser Therapy treatments. My dad said ok then, and I got 10 treatments and it healed so quick.

Akash A. - 10 years old

Condition(s): Tendinitis or Tendonitis

Ankles Tendontitis and Heel Pain

Because of heel pain and left ankle pain it became very difficult to maintain my balance and to walk to keep up my new hip replacement and spine surgery healthy. Trying Laser Therapy has helped me wonderfully and I recommend it. It also made my sciatica vanish completely from a couple of years back.

Eva J.

Condition(s): Tendinitis or Tendonitis

Elbow Pain

Thanks to laser treatment my elbow is pain free. No more waking up through the night, and having an aching arm through the day. I'm slowly getting back to golfing again, and throwing the ball on my walks with my dog, without my arm hurting. Thanks to all of you at LaserHealth® Solutions for all your help, I will recommend laser treatment to everyone I know who complains they are in pain. Thank you all again for helping me get my life back on track.

Debbie B

Condition(s): Tennis and Golfer's Elbow

Heel Spur

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to wear shoes with heels that I have not been able to wear for years. The heel spurs have seemed to disappear.Walking or standing on cement is no problem now! Walking a mile is also no problem!Thank you so much!

Lorna P.

Condition(s): Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Spurs

Could Not Exercise With Plantar Fasciitis


“Before coming to LaserHealth® Solutions I had really bad pain in my left heel for about 3 years.So bad that I had to postpone doing any exercise that pertained to using my foot at all and I couldn't walk very far without taking strong medication.After trying many procedures the next thought that came to mind was surgery as nothing was working to improve my condition.

I was driving my car one day when I heard on the radio about LaserHealth® Solutions and decided to give it a try.What did I have to lose?With the exceptional help of Blaine and Janet they figured out that the area in my calf was… View the whole post

Condition(s): Plantar Fasciitis

Shoulder and Elbow Pain

I did treatments at LaserHealth® Solutions for a shoulder and elbow problem in August 21.I had been in pain for about a year. It had gotten so bad that I wasn't able to golf and the pain was waking me up at night. I was getting very frustrated. I had an x-ray and an ultrasound.My doctor said I had tennis elbow and he suggested a cortisone shot, but I wanted to do a treatment that fixed the problem instead of just postponing the symptoms for a while. I also didn't like the sound of the side effects of cortisone. I asked my doctor about Laser Therapy and though he didn't know much about it, he said to give it a try.

I'm so glad I… View the whole post

Condition(s): Shoulder Pain and Injuries, Tennis and Golfer's Elbow

Rotator Cuff Injury

Rotator Cuff Injury: Partial tear of the supraspinatus tendon with myofascial pain syndrome of the infraspinatus and supraspinatus.

Rory F.
Rory F.

“I'm a self employed heavy duty mechanic.The work I do includes a lot of heavy lifting and pulling.My shoulder pain started close to 2 years ago.I was in pretty much constant pain.Even driving was painful.And I was missing out on sleep – there was no comfortable position.An ultrasound in November of 2010 showed a partial tear in one of my rotator cuff tendons.The doctors were recommending surgery and advised me that it would take three months to be able to work afterwards.… View the whole post

Condition(s): Shoulder Pain and Injuries

Low back pain Due To Mild DDD And Pelvic Asymmetry

Vic D.
Vic D.

“I had back pain for 3 years.It got to the point where it was very difficult to move.Even normal activities like getting in and out of the vehicle and bending over to reach into the sink were painful.That burning pain of inflammation was the worst.It felt like I was on fire!It wouldn't settle down no matter what I did.My back bothered me at night too.I'd roll over in my sleep and wake up due to sharp pain.

After my first treatment at LaserHealth® Solutions, I noticed a big change – then gradual improvement from there.About half way through my 11 treatments, I took a little… View the whole post

Condition(s): Degenerative Disc Disease, Back Pain

Knee Pain

I had knee pain for 3 months before coming to LaserHealth® Solutions. It started when I was exercising using my X-box Kinect game. It had a combination of jumping, running and boxing. Lots of activity on my left knee caused it to get sore to the point that I felt it was going to buckle. I had to stop doing the track and field exercises on the game.

My knee was very sore and kept me awake at night. I had to go up the stairs one foot at a time. My husband had been to LaserHealth® Solutions before for his golfer's elbow and it was fixed so I decided to go especially since I was getting ready for golfing season.

When Blaine assessed me he noticed that… View the whole post

Condition(s): Knee Pain

Foot Pain

“Hi! My feet have hurt for so long, seems like forever. I have told my family doctor about my discomfort, to no avail. I have been to many chiropractors, who would snap, crackle and pop, to no avail. I have spent a small fortune on orthotics, to no avail. I have many pairs of shoes, hoping to find just the right pair and nothing has taken the pain away. My feet felt like they had been beaten. Simple tasks, such as a grocery shop was a chore. How unfair is it to not even enjoy a mall shop, knowing when I got to one end of the mall I would be dreading the painful walk back. Pain killers got me through the days when my puppies would look at me… View the whole post

Condition(s): Plantar Fasciitis, Bruises